Online Appendix for "Distributed Ledgers"

Online Appendix to the article Townsend, Robert M. (2019) " Distributed Ledgers: Innovation and Regulation in Financial Infrastructure and Payment Systems." This appendix contains links to literature underpinning the model used in the paper.

Consortium on Financial Systems and Poverty

The Consortium oversees the development of a growing body of research that seeks to put financial services for the poor, with an emphasis on the impact of savings, second generation banking, and policy, on a firm empirical and theoretical foundation and serves as a reliable guide to effective action. It is composed of top-tier researchers across a variety of institutions who work to understand the impact of financial products, the macro and micro policies that are associated with financial access, and technological innovations in financial service delivery.

The Enterprise Initiative

The Enterprise Initiative is a research program that supports rigorous methods to examine the complex process of wealth creation and the role of enterprise in alleviating poverty. The Initiative explores entrepreneurship in developing economies through the lens of Applied General Equilibrium Enterprise Economics. Using analytic economic modeling, researchers closely study human entrepreneurial talent and the attitudes that contribute to economic success, not only at the individual level but also at the village, regional and national levels. This collaborative research initiative brings together researchers and faculty from a variety of subfields at the University of Chicago, MIT and Yale University.