Online Appendix: Distributed Ledgers

Online Appendix to the article Townsend, Robert M. (2019) " Distributed Ledgers: Innovation and Regulation in Financial Infrastructure and Payment Systems." This appendix contains links to literature underpinning the model used in the paper.

Statement of Cash Flow and Financial Accounts: What are the accounts, how to create them, where they can be used

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e-Transfers, e-Messages: Predominant use of paper currency in Thailand, contrasted with M-Pesa for Kenya

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Contracts, Mechanism Design: Some basics, first principles

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Costly State Verification

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Limited Commitment, Punishment

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Moral Hazard

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Market Design and Regulation of Financial Infrastructure: Implemented as smart contracts

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Building Financial Infrastructure: Background, what is on the ground from Townsend Thai project, and mixed impact of interventions

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Building Financial Infrastructure: Interventions, impact and mechanisms

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Building Financial Infrastructure: General equilibrium perspective

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Design of Improved Payment Systems

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Regulating Payments Systems: Coordination and impossibility of decentralized exchange

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Crypto Currency: What is money

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Insights from Mechanism Design

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Lessons from Monetary Theory for Value and Bubbles

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Optimal Activist Policy

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